Sustainability at KEMT

The crew at KEMT loves nature. We lead active lifestyles surfing, sailing, riding Mountain Bike, hiking and climbing. We want future generations to have the same pleasures we enjoy.

Sustainability is therefore an important topic in the development of our products and the way we operate in general.

The KEMT team has more than 20 years experience developing personal care products and their packaging. Our prefered packaging materials are glas and aluminum. More than 95% of our packaging material are easily recycled. Aluminum for example is a natural product which is abundant in the earth. Aluminum has a recycling rate in excess of 65%. The KEMT team hates to see plastic waste on our beaches, so our products are engineering to exclude plastic as much as possible.

We source ethically manufactured raw materials, which were not tested on animals. KEMT seeks the finest raw materials around the world. Our extensive supply chain experience allows us to source the finest raw materials at competitive prices, so we do not have to compromise on the products we manufacture.

KEMT believes in sustaining our environment for future generations. The company actively supports ecological campaigns like The Surfrider Foundation.